Terms and Conditions

Submissions must have context to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.

Image sets must consist of six photographs taken on film. The format or film type play no role.

The image set must be accompanied by a short text of roughly 200 words up to 300 words maximum (about three paragraphs) to establish meaningful context in order to tell your story. This can mean telling a story, to go along the images or just explaining what the viewer sees, and why it is interesting e.g establishing context for the images. And of course, don´t forget at title! 

Please inlcude a short abstract of 1-2 short senteces including the film type and the location to your submission.

Please add information on format and film type used alongside your submission as well as a short description regarding your person. You can add social media, or website links, as well.

Submissions must be sized 1500 pixels on the long side and be maximum 1MB sized

Files must be .jpeg and named in the following fashion: Surname_Name_Number.jpeg (John_Doe_1.jpg)

Watermarked submissions will not be considered. Your copyright is honored in all instances though.

In order to assure a certain level of image quality, submissions will be curated.

Should your submission be chosen to be printed in one of our future issues of SilvergrainClassics, you’ll  be notified and asked for high resolution files.

When submitting your story, you remain the sole copyright holder but grant us a license to use both text and images free of charge for use, display and publication within Project DOCUPAN and its promotion.

Project DOCUPAN is not exclusive. Work submitted and published here may be published elsewhere or may have been published elsewhere already. The project only tries to bring together a big picture, puzzled together by all the entries made.

Submissions not following the rules defined here will not be considered. The final decision in regard to publishing a submission is made by the editorial staff of SilvergrainClassics. The honorable mention awarded with a grant of Kodak Professional TriX 400 film is chosen by Kodak Alaris staff.

Very important:

Don´t be afraid to participate, or hesitate because “documentary photography” may sound somewhat prohibitive, or even elitist. Rest assured, it is not. This project is driven by a global community and if all goes to plan, will show a unique and truly global perspective on film photography documenting the 2020 pandemic. A huge big picture, puzzled together by each and every single entry. Even though some images will be selected to be printed in our magazine and Kodak will give away a film grant for honorable mentions, this is no competition and thus, we have consciously abstained from implementing any like – or voting function to the gallery below, because we believe good photography can speak for itself.

Thank you for contributing!

For the time being, stay safe, healthy, and continue to shoot film!

– the Editorial Team behind SilvergrainClassics

Upload Form

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