Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Australia

Zana Briski, UK/USA

  • 1995 National Press Photographers Association Picture of the Year award
  • 2000 World Press Photo Foundation, 1st prize, daily life stories
  • 2005 Academy Award® for Best Documentary
  • Specializes in Fine Art Prints on handmade Japanese washi papers
  • Unique, life-sized “animalograms” are made by exposing photographic paper at night as an animal passes by, then toning with gold to ensure archival stability
  • One of her “bearograms” received the Lens Culture Critics’ Choice Award

“I am enraptured by the earth and her creatures. I have spent the past 30 years traveling alone to remote wild places to photograph creatures from the smallest insect to the largest whale. My animal encounters leave me in a state of wonder and awe. It is this reverence I wish to transmit to others through my artwork.”

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All images this page ©Zana Briski. All rights reserved.


Flying Foxes, Australia

Gelada Troop, Ethiopia

Giraffe, South Africa

Humpback Whale

Leopard, Botswana

Mountain Gorilla, Rwanda

Polar Bear, print on handmade Japanese paper, 9 feet (3 meters) wide