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Susan Geston Bridges, USA

  • Accomplished photographer, partner and wife of Jeff Bridges
  • Studied photography at ArtCenter College of Design, the California Institute of the Arts, and privately with photographer Lisette Model
  • Has photographed artists including Orson Wells, Clayton Moore (the Lone Ranger), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bud Cort, Peter Fonda, and The Los Angeles Ballet Company
  • Co-produced the crime comedy Cold Feet starring Sally Kirkland, Bill Pullman, Keith Carradine, Rip Torn and Tom Waits
  • Has published photos in the LA Times, Westways and Wet magazines, and Whitefish Review, and recently exhibited her photographs for the first time to rave reviews
  • Actively supports organizations such as The Santa Barbara Food Bank, The Unity Shoppe, The Livingston Resource Center, and the Vital Ground Foundation, which preserves habitat for wildlife in the northern Rocky Mountains
  • Susan and Jeff collaborate on many creative endeavors including founding a new company to revive the Widelux camera

“The Widelux is a fabulous format. Sure, I’m stitching things together [digitally], but that doesn’t replace the Widelux. I think it’s one of the most artistic ways to use a camera. And I like film because, to me, it’s the soul of photography.”

As part of her re-emergence as a photographer, Susan plans to have her own website soon — stay tuned!

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Michael Cimino, director, Heaven’s Gate

Willem Dafoe, Heaven’s Gate

Preparing for the Cock Fight, Heaven’s Gate

The Rider, Heaven’s Gate

John Heard and Jeff Bridges, Cutter’s Way

Venice Barrio

Venice Barrio