The entire world of analog photography


SilvergrainClassics is a quarterly print journal with exclusive content about the entire world of film-based photography and cinematography.

Each issue has 100 pages in book-quality print, featuring a balanced selection of articles on all aspects of analog photography, completed by a truly global selection of inspiring portfolios. We are connecting all the diverse members of the global film community: from beginners to pros, from Minox micro- to ultra large format, from Antarctica to the capitols of the world. We’re not only international, but truly global.

In short, we believe in the future of analog photography.

SilvergrainClassics strives to provide photographers around the world with inspiration, information, and a sense of engaged community.


Analog is our passion, which is the reason we strongly believe in the value of a printed journal. Having book-quality reproductions in your hand is the next-best thing to seeing a beautiful print of a photo — content viewed on a screen simply doesn´t compare.  Our carefully curated selection of portfolios not only reflects photography’s great names, but upcoming photographers from around the globe as well.


In SilvergrainClassics, you can learn about techniques ranging from basic procedures to the most advanced photographic processes, accessibly explained by masters of their craft. This information is not only practical; it can help broaden your creative horizon.  Of course, we have your G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) in mind, too. Each issue features cameras and other equipment to dream of: cherished collectables, fantastic workhorses, and the newest equipment the growing analog market has to offer.


Become a part of our active and engaged global community! We help you to stay in touch with film photography´s latest trends and be the first to know which products are about to hit the shelves. And community is more than just news to us: our team is a part of the film community, not only as the people who publish SilvergrainClassics, but also as individuals. Staying in touch with both the industry and film shooters around the world enables us to help keep film alive and kicking.

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Analog photography is a niche, but a niche that is growing by leaps and bounds.  The adherents are passionate and very interested in products and services from many branches of the photo industry, as well as travel and other analog preoccupations. 

SilvergrainClassics limits its advertising space and is typically read cover to cover, so your advertisement won’t be thumbed past. It will reach affluent readers multiple times as our collectible journal is re-read. We can share our direct connection to the tightly knit community, giving your product or company an automatic loyalty bonus from the start.

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