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Film Photography Gear

16mm Filmmaking: Getting Started  Issue 13
510 Pyro Review  Issue 14
‘80s Film Cameras  Issue 10
Adox CHS 100 II   Issue 8
Camara Minutera with Marc Kairies   Issue 9
Color Films, New Releases 2022   Issue 15
Ektachrome 7294 for Super8   Issue 2
Ektachrome: Test and Rochester Interview   Issue 2
Filters, The Real Filter Effect   Issue 16
Fuji GS634S Wide 60   Issue 13
Fuji GW690 III   Issue 7
Gossen Digisix 2   Issue 9
Heiland Mega-Enlarger   Issue 3
Instant Back for LomoGraflok 4×5   Issue 14
Instax Back for Mamiya RB67   Issue 5
Intrepid 4×5 MK4   Issue 16
Intrepid Enlarger Review   Issue 16
Iscorama Anamorphic Lenses   Issue 8
James Bond’s Cameras   Issue 3
Kiev-88   Issue 2
Lab Box Test   Issue 5
Large Format: Getting Started   Issue 13
Leica M3 Repair part I   Issue 15
Leica M3 Repair part II   Issue 16
Leica M6 (2022), hands-on review   Issue 17
Leica R Series   Issue 6
Leica R4-R7   Issue 7
Leicaflex SL2 Motor   Issue 16
Medium Format, Starting In   Issue 16
Meyer Görlitz Retro Lenses   Issue 11
Metz Flashes   Issue 12
Minolta 9000   Issue 5
Minolta Autopak-8 Super-8   Issue 9
Minolta Black Giant 80-200mm Lens   Issue 15
Minox: a Spy Story   Issue 13
Minox, the History of   Issue 13
My Darkrooms   Issue 8
NASA & Hasselblad on the Moon   Issue 3
New Lenses on Old Cameras   Issue 3
Nova Acrylics Processor/Print Washer   Issue 7
Oberwerth Bag Review   Issue 5
Panoramic Cameras   Issue 8
Pentacon Six   Issue 11
Photo Paper: a (Hi)Story   Issue 6
Photo Processors   Issue 8
pixl-latr film carrier for digitization   Issue 6
Polaroid SX-70   Issue 14
Rangefinders   Issue 1
Rolleiflex 6008 SLR   Issue 14
Scanners: High End   Issue 4
Scanning: a Historical Perspective   Issue 3
Scanning Software Solutions   Issue 14
Super8 Projectors   Issue 7
Super8 Cameras   Issue 4
Tetenal C-41 Color Developer Tablets, tested   Issue 17
TLRs: Seagull/Flexaret/Yashica-Mat/Autocord   Issue 1
Unconventional Cameras of H. Oelklaus   Issue 11
Vacation Travel Gear   Issue 4
Valoi 360 Film Holder test   Issue 12
Zeiss Ikon Nettar   Issue 17

Film Photography & Darkroom Techniques

Analyzing Remarkable Photos: How & Why   Issue 2
Audio for Film Cinematography   Issue 17
Basics of Film Cinematography   Issue 16
Black & White Photography at Twilight   Issue 7
Carbon Printing with Calvin Grier   Issue 10
Choosing Subject Matter, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 9
Cinematic Look in Still Photography   Issue 14
Color Film Photography & Saturation, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 15
Color Printing   Issue 4
Composition, by A. Sanderson   Issue 17
Composition — Simple vs. Simplistic, by B. Barnbaum,   Issue 17
Contact Sheets: How & Why   Issue 12
Controlling Contrast with HC Developers, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 14
Creativity: a Playful Approach, by A. Sanderson   Issue 15
Cyanotypes   Issue 7
Darkroom Printing Basics, by A. Sanderson   Issue 2
Darkroom Printing Techniques, by A. Sanderson   Issue 3
Darkroom Printing vs Scanning   Issue 15
Develop Your First Film   Issue 3
Digitizing Film Photos   Issue 2
Documenting Daily Life, by A. Sanderson   Issue 8
E6 Development   Issue 1
Enlarger Basics   Issue 3
Hand Coloring B&W Prints, by A. Sanderson   Issue 9
Film Photography as Art Therapy   Issue 7
Fine Art Photography: Collecting & Creating   Issue 5
From Taking Pictures to Making Photographs, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 8
Light Metering Basics   Issue 1
Light Metering in the Studio   Issue 3
Liquid Emulsion: How-To   Issue 11
Looking and Seeing, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 2
Photographing Strangers, by A. Sanderson   Issue 12
Pinholing   Issue 2
Portfolios: Choosing Images, by Bruce Barnbaum   Issue 16
Printing Expressively, by A. Sanderson   Issue 4
Printing from Iconic Negatives, by A. Sanderson   Issue 16
Redscale Photography   Issue 15
Reducing Environmental Impact in Film Photography   Issue 13
Restoring Faded Cinefilm   Issue 6
Reversing the Back Lens Element   Issue 10
Rolling Bulk Film   Issue 10
Shooting Slide Film   Issue 6
Stuck-At-Home Photography, by A. Sanderson   Issue 7
Toning B&W Prints, by A. Sanderson   Issue 5
Understanding Light, by B. Barnbaum,   Issue 5
Using Light Meters   Issue 2
Vintage Portrait Photography   Issue 10
‘Zines: Tips for Yours   Issue 9

Photographers’ Portfolios

Adams, Ansel   Issue 6
Anderson, Christina Z   Issue 11
Barnbaum, Bruce   Issue 1
Bessonova, Lina   Issue 1
Bhasker, Mohan   Issue 12
Blohm, Oliver   Issue 3
Bobb, Kelly-Ann   Issue 11
Brachat, Oliver   Issue 9
Bridges, Jeff   Issue 8
Bridges, Susan   Issue 15
Briski, Zana   Issue 11
Boshoff, Janus   Issue 5
Bui, Tuan   Issue 4
Burkett, Christopher   Issue 3
Burnett, David   Issue 15
Burnstine, Susan   Issue 11
Campbell, Scott   Issue 10
Canisius Baerken, Keith   Issue 12
Caputo, Mike   Issue 17
Cham, Steve   Issue 15
Christensson, Peter   Issue 14
Cottrell, Julian   Issue 3
Czika, Kristina   Issue 14
Davis, Chuck   Issue 7
de Luca, Augusto   Issue 15
di Liborio, Cesare   Issue 13
Daoust, Nathalie   Issue 7
DeJolie, LeRoy   Issue 12
Derech, Ilan   Issue 10
Deschrijver, Christine   Issue 13
Diemer, Steffen   Issue 1
Duff, Stuart   Issue 6
Dushaj, Frang   Issue 9
Erpicum, Morgane   Issue 2
Estatoff, Bruno   Issue 1
Feixa, Jean Luc   Issue 12
Feng, Jian Guo   Issue 3
Friedel, Michael   Issue 17
Foster, Lenny   Issue 7
Goldblatt, David   Issue 2
Goto, Keiko   Issue 16
Goto, Yoshitaka   Issue 8
Greer, Joe  Issue 17
Group f64   Issue 6
Hepper, Paul   Issue 17
Horsington, George   Issue 4
Hovhannisyan, Damian   Issue 15
Huwe, Johannes   Issue 8
Instant Art Arles, 2018   Issue 1
Iqbal, Osman Mohammed   Issue 1
Ivanov, Anton   Issue 5
Ivanov, Anton   Issue 17
Jackson, Adele, interview  Issue 6
Johnson, Linus   Issue 5
Kaesler, Markus   Issue 2
Kakimoto, Hiromi   Issue 1
Kayne, Joseph   Issue 5
Kollman, Katharine   Issue 16
Kretschel, Thomas, (Last Rolls of Kodachrome)   Issue 5
Kretschel, Thomas, (SX-70 Polaroids)    Issue 14
Kubrick, Stanley   Issue 12
Langmore, John   Issue 12
Maier, Thomas   Issue 2
McCabe, Barbara   Issue 17
Merzi, Herr   Issue 7
Miller, Adam   Issue 3
Mills,Ryan   Issue 1
Mlynarczek, Renata   Issue 3
Moon, Beth   Issue 13
Morlinghaus, Christoph   Issue 1
Murata, Akira   Issue 6
Nawaz, Sehera   Issue 17
Newton, Helmut   Issue 10
Niskanen, Anna   Issue 6
Olivier, Remy   Issue 14
Orecchia, Carlo Alberto   Issue 5
Paganelli, Manuello   Issue 2
Pannack, Laura   Issue 11
Pepper, JR   Issue 3
Peters, Vincent   Issue 14
Pohodin, Petro   Issue 2
Pujan, Radoslav   Issue 1
Rizvan, Valentin   Issue 7
Robinson, Robin V   Issue 9
Rock, Mick   Issue 16
Rosing, Norbert   Issue 13
Rothsteinb, Jeff   Issue 14
Rudman, Tim   Issue 7
Ryuijie   Issue 8
Salinas, David   Issue 9
Samarin, Valery   Issue 4
Samuel, Deborah   Issue 8
Sanderson, Andrew   Issue 1
Schlegel, Jan   Issue 4
Smith, Terry   Issue 2
South African Analog   Issue 1
Street Photography: Niklas Porter/Ivan Slunjski/Benjamin MacMaster   Issue 1
Strickland, Michael   Issue 16
Studio Baxton   Issue 16
Sugimoto, Hiroshi   Issue 5
Sypal, John   Issue 17
Taylor, Michael   Issue 1
Technique vs. Artistry, by Bruce Barnbaum   Issue 1
Tkachev, Alexander   Issue 10
Troitskaya, Daria   Issue 15
van der Ploeg, Gina   Issue 13
Weston, Edward   Issue 6
Wilson, Michael   Issue 9
Wiseman, Zoe Issue 1
Yagubov, Ilkin   Issue 9
York, Jammie   Issue 4
Yva (Elsa Ernestine Neuländer)   Issue 10
Zaporozhchenko, Vitaly   Issue 16

Analog Community Stories

16mm Cinematography Workshop   Issue 15
45 by Damian Heinisch   Issue 10
A Father’s Tale by Borut Peterlin   Issue 9
Accidental Travel Photography   Issue 4
Adams & Weston: a Friendship   Issue 6
Adox: 160 Years   Issue 10
Analog Entrepreneurs: CameraRescue/AnalogWonderland   Issue 2
Analog (Industry) Dialogs   Issue 3
Analog Photography in Scientific Activities   Issue 4
Analog Movie Prints: Secret Acquisitions   Issue 9
anaLoge: a Modern Photographers’ Lodge   Issue 6
Anthotype Emulsions by Malin Fabbri   Issue 17
Arab Women Photographers   Issue 11
Atypical American Road Trip/Tsering Bista   Issue 2
Barcelona Experimental Festival   Issue 15
Can Gear Improve Your Photography?   Issue 6
Collecting Photo Books   Issue 5
Community Communication, by Japan Camera Hunter   Issue 3
Community Darkroom Stories   Issue 4
Diamantino Labo Photo Paris   Issue 17
Documenting Protests Around the World   Issue 8
Documenting the Pandemic in 2020   Issue 8
Essence of Photography 2nd Edition, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 11
Families of the Dump, Myanmar   Issue 9
Family Festivities with Film   Issue 5
Fashion Photography on Film   Issue 10
Film Prices in Perspective   Issue 13
Film vs. Digital, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 4
FLAVR by Gustav Kollar   Issue 16
Foma: 100 Years   Issue 10
Four Books by Diana H. Bloomfield   Issue 12
Frances B. Johnston: Photos 1889-1945   Issue 11
Freestyle Photographic   Issue 15
George Eastman: Mega-Influencer   Issue 2
Gear Acquisition Syndrome   Issue 4
Gear Evolution & Artistic Progression   Issue 1
Hand Me Down Camera, by Japan Camera Hunter   Issue 5
Hollywood and Celluloid   Issue 3
How the Camera Market Has Changed, by Japan Camera Hunter   Issue 2
i saw the air fly, by Sirkhane Darkroom   Issue 13
Iceland: a Road Trip   Issue 4
Ilford Photo: Double Digit Growth   Issue 5
InstantArt Paris   Issue 2
Internship at SilvergrainClassics   Issue 17
Israeli Light in Film Photos   Issue 4
“Kiki”: Danger & Opportunity, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 10
Large Format: More Than a Bigger Picture   Issue 4
Learning Through Podcasts   Issue 4
Leica’s Celebration of Photography 2022   Issue 17
Leica CEO Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, interview   Issue 17
Lovers of Analog Photography   Issue 1
Low Budget ‘Zine Production   Issue 9
My First 100 Films, by Andrew Sanderson   Issue 10
Nebula by Jaqueline Roberts   Issue 8
Nico’s News, Issues 1-5
North East Photographic   Issue 10
Omnimago: Scanning Perfection   Issue 6
Open Air Cinema   Issue 12
Opening a Photo Gallery   Issue 14
Passion for Film Cameras & Photography, by Japan Camera Hunter   Issue 1
Photograph That Changed My Life by Zelda Cheatle   Issue 14
Photography Today, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 3
Pictures Volume Two by Jeff Bridges   Issue 8
Polavision   Issue 10
Portraits and Dreams by Wendy Ewald   Issue 11
Psychology & Photography   Issue 14
Reviewing My Archives During COVID, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 7
Royal Photographic Society   Issue 9
Saving Film Photography’s Tools   Issue 12
Searching for Uniqueness   Issue 2
Silbersalz: Instant Analog Movie Production   Issue 9
Silbersalz 35mm: Cinefilm for Still   Issue 7
Slide Film & Gen Z   Issue 9
Starman & Super8   Issue 4
Strand, Clare   Issue 12
Super8 for the 21st Century   Issue 1
Super8 in Professional Use   Issue 3
Super8 Odyssey in Greenland   Issue 5
Super-8 by Jürgen Lossau   Issue 15
Surf, Skate, & Film   Issue 2
Tetenal Reloaded   Issue 3
Traveling as Inspiration   Issue 8
Traveling For Cameras, by Japan Camera Hunter   Issue 4
Tying It All Together, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 13
Virtual Connections, Analog Wonderland (Paul McKay)   Issue 13
Virtual Connections, Roxanna Angles   Issue 11
Virtual Connections, Chris Chinnock   Issue 17
Virtual Connections, EM (Emulsive)   Issue 6
Virtual Connections, Japan Camera Hunter   Issue 7
Virtual Connections, Nick Carver   Issue 9
Virtual Connections, Noah Henderson   Issue 16
Virtual Connections, Shoot Film Co. (Mike Padua)   Issue 10
Virtual Connections, Tokyo Camera Style (John Sypal)   Issue 14
Virtual Connections, Weird Lens Guru (Matthieu Stern)   Issue 12
Weston Family Heritage   Issue 12
Women Photographers: 3 Stories, Goy/Brewster-Wright/van Veen   Issue 11
Women in Film Photography Today   Issue 11
Workshops: Are They Worthwhile?   Issue 12
Workshops: The Joys of Personal Interaction, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 12
Worlds Within Reach, by B. Barnbaum   Issue 6