Studio & Lab


The Silvergrain family also includes a fully equipped photography Studio and Laboratory located in Bad Nauheim, Germany, and the Silvergrain Academy, which offers workshops locally and also around the world.

The SilvergrainStudioLab is capable of running almost all photographic processes and offers a wide range of fully analog and hybrid processes to choose from.

The SilvergrainStudio is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting equipment by Hensel and accommodates photographic equipment of all kinds. There is even a 50×60 Ultra Large Format Camera, custom built by Chamonix, onsite. Our team is also around to offer individual instruction if you need a helping hand.

If you are done shooting, jump directly in our SilvergrainLab to develop your film and see your results.  We offer facilities for hand-development, and also machines for E6, C41, and RA4— all the standard photographic processes! Still not tired? Keep on going with printing or scanning onsite. We work with professional enlargers by Leitz or Durst for the best results in printing, and our Heiland split grade controller makes it easy to get a great print quickly. With the two Heidelberg Primescan drum scanners we also provide high-end scans of slides, negatives, and even prints.

Additionally, we offer in-house RA-4 printing with a Fujimoto processor and are able to make direct, optical enlargements from color, as well as black and white negatives up to 5×7 inch.

Our lab also offers various other equipment, like large format Epson and Canon ink jet printers. A rare specialty is our Agfa Alto film recorder, which can expose digital images onto photographic film at 16.000 dpi resolution!

The SilvergrainStudioLab is also open for rentals.


For inquiries, please mail at or talk to us directly: +49 (0) 6032 9378127‬