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Issue 13 | Winter 2021

Lucky? Unlucky? It’s a good thing we aren’t superstitious! Amidst continuing global challenges and thoughts of moving into 2022, we consider how film photography fits into today’s Big Picture.

Ludwig Hagelstein contributes to a hot topic with an in-depth analysis of film prices, and comes to some interesting conclusions. Portfolios from Beth Moon, Zoe Wiseman, and cover artist Norbert Rosing inspire us to protect the beauties of our world and evaluate our place in it. A pair of articles provide inspiration for new projects for the New Year: large format photography and 16mm motion picture making. If your resolutions for 2022 include reducing your environmental impact, we have an article with practical tips about how to do that in your film photography. And our gearheads will enjoy articles about Minox, and the Fuji Wide 60.

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Film Prices in Perspective – An In-Depth Analysis

In recent years, film has become considerably more expensive. Many think that it has even become too expensive, and feel ripped off by manufacturers like Kodak and Fuji. But how much did prices really rise, and why? Are we paying too much? A look at film prices in perspective.



Hannah Gimbett on photography

Hannah Gimbett on photography

Hannah Gimblett on photography by Hannah Gimbett. "From the age of 13, I have been unable to walk. I grasp hold of any opportunity that I can to pick up a camera". The first moment of being gifted a film camera as a six-year-old is a moment that I very much treasure,...

David Collyer – How grey is my valley?

David Collyer – How grey is my valley?

David Collyer on "How grey is my valley"? by David Collyer. "I don’t belong in the Valleys, but I work with many people who do. The sense of community is second to none". I live in South Wales, an Englishman abroad if you will, surrounded by verdant countryside and...

Meyer Optik Görlitz experience

Meyer Optik Görlitz experience

Meyer Optik Görlitz experience by Christopher Osborne. The folk at SilvergrainAcademy arranged a visit to the Meyer Görlitz factory in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. Participants had a factory visit and were able to experience these quality lenses themselves. The folks at...

SilvergrainClassics Analogue Awards

SilvergrainClassics Analogue Awards

SilvergrainClassics Analogue Awards   by Christopher Osborne. The year is drawing to a close, and now this is the time to think back about changes in the world of analogue photography. Here are the SilvergrainClassics Annual Awards. The elite group of judges from...



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