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The SilvergrainStudioLab in Bad Nauheim near Frankfurt offers individual courses as well as studio and laboratory rentals.

In our individual coachings, we can answer your specific questions about analog photography. You could try a new format, or learn more about exposure metering, lighting and/or studio flash technology. We also cover all aspects of darkroom work from first-time development to complex printing techniques, and film scanning, too!

A 4-hour individual coaching starts at € 199 and is easy to book.
Just send an email to info@silvergrainclassics.com or call us directly to make an appointment.

Seeing is Believing – What Do You Want to Try?

There is a lot of good information to be found online, but knowing the theory and trying it yourself are two very different things. Our aim is to provide you with exactly the information you need and, more importantly, give you the chance to try things yourself.

· Theory and Practice: cameras, lenses, film formats, film types
· Light Metering and Lighting
· Architecture, Landscape, or Portrait
· Film Development, Enlarging, and Scanning


There are no stupid questions.

We do not assume anything and take time for all your questions; everyone started from scratch at some point, and no one is so experienced that they have done it all. Below are examples of possible individual workshops. Let us know what you imagine doing!

Large Format Photography 101


Large format photography fascinates many film photographers. At SilvergrainStudioLab, we want to help you get off to a good start without making costly mistakes.

In our individual coaching, we deal intensively with large format photography as of 4×5″ and its special features. Various large format cameras from Chamonix, Linhof and Plaubel are available on site for use during the coaching.

We can cover all aspects of large format photography, from the handling of the camera and the accessories, to active photography and the development and scanning or enlargement of the film. Let us take you out of the realm of theory and into the world of practice.

Black & White Darkroom –
Enlarging for All Experience Levels


For Beginning Enthusiasts

The film is developed, your negative looks great… What now?

Making b&w prints in your own dark room—it’s not rocket science, but many laboratory newbies encounter problems that can dampen their enthusiasm.

Our SilvergrainStudioLab individual darkroom coaching will teach you important skills, and also show you what equipment and materials are essential, what is a pleasant addition, and what you can do without at the beginning.

For Experienced Pros

You have been enlarging for years. But maybe you could use a fresh impulse! We can teach you interesting techniques like split-grade printing and how to finesse baryta paper.