Cinestill 400Dynamic Color Film for Large Format

By Charys Schuler

Cinestill is bringing its 400Dynamic color film for 4×5-inch large format cameras to its standard lineup! After a successful Kickstarter in 2022 and an initial production run, Cinestill has responded to the positive feedback and will continue to produce the film.

The 400Dynamic is cinefilm balanced for daylight (as opposed to Tungsten) with an ISO/ASA rating of 400. There are many variations of this film available from various companies around the world for 35mm. Some leave the remjet layer intact and should be processed in ECN-2 chemicals, others, like Cinestill, have the remjet layer removed so that they can be processed in C-41. But all of these cinefilms for still photographers have great latitude and vibrant color rendition, and the 400Dynamic has very fine grain, which is great for the 4×5 format.

Bringing cinefilm to large format is a big step forward for the film photography community, and a further indication that analog in all its incarnations is thriving. This new Cinestill offering, with 25 sheets per box, will be available through their website initially, and soon after from dealers worldwide.

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