Issue 22 of SGC brings you more great film photography

printed beautifully!

By SilvergrainClassics

A foreigner’s view of a culture can be particularly insightful. Issue 22 features several portfolios of images by photographers who have come to know an area that is not their home intimately. Both Ash Page and Kenro Izu take the viewer seemingly not only to another place, but also back in time.

Other portfolios explore unusual formats, both wide and long. Claude Le Gall has gone in search of regional flavors and captured them in panoramic form with a Widelux. Bennet Pimpinella’s hand-scratched and -colored strips are our first still portfolio of motion picture images. Frederick-Edwin Bertin brings a thoughtful depth to his portraits, whether of personal friends or celebrities like Max von Sydow.

Editor-in-chief Marwan El Mozayen got to shoot a 1600mm lens at Leica headquarters — no, we didn’t put too many zeroes there! — and was inspired to write about various focal lengths. New film cameras are on the way, FINALLY! In addition to our online update from Pentax, we also have a few hints we only published in print. And we announce the new brand name of the new Widelux, as well as sharing more fun stories from Jeff & Susan Bridges. Our book review is a scoop, too: the new edition of the famous art book Ray’s a Laugh, just out from Mack books, and an interview with the photographer Richard Billingham.

Have you heard that films up to 800 ISO/ASA are “just fine” in airport scanners? Lina Bessonova has done a carefully structured test and shares her images for the first time in print. Master printer Bruce Barnbaum shares his thoughts on why observation is key to making meaningful photos, no matter what the subject. And Ignacio Benedeti relates the thrills and many, many chills of making his Single-8 film, Perfect Antarctic Madness.

Issue 22 also has articles about optimizing your scanning workflow, a great 2-bath C-41 kit from ADOX, and more from the world of film photography! If you’re looking for something else, why not check out our list of articles here?

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