“Composites” – an Open Call from alternativephotography.com

We spoke with Malin Fabbri about the “Composites” Open Call. This is the latest open call from the AlternativePhotography.com team.

By Christopher Osborne.


Gery Oth and Reiny Rizzy, Luxemburg, Taking Roots.Gery Oth and Reiny Rizzy collaborated to create an image of cyanotype, silk embroidery, anthotype and sewing on felting tissue.

I spoke with Malin Fabbri about the latest AlternativePhotography.com open call earlier today. This time the theme is “Composites”, and images should be made using any combination of processes. The open call closes on March 31st and selected images will feature in the AlternativePhotography.com 2025 calendar and journal. You can see our review of the 2024 journal here: https://silvergrainclassics.com/en/2023/06/anna-atkins-tribute-journal-get-inspired/

This choice of theme was chosen with the idea that a combination of processes provides the opportunity to make an even stronger image. A kind of 1 + 1 = 3 logic.

Bonnie O App, USA. Imagine. Combined hand drawn leaves which were digitized and filled with lyrics added to a background of a photo of tree branches that my dear cousin kindly gave to me. Created a digital negative of the composite and developed it using cyanotype process. Printed on Arches Bright White Hot Press Watercolor Paper.


The first entries have already come in and the early results are spectacular, and can be seen at https://www.alternativephotography.com/calendar-journal-composites-alternative-photographic-processes/ There are multiple pages, so do make a point of looking at the entire collection.

As Malin and I looked through the images on the website, I was struck by the range of submissions. Entries so far include Cyanotypes, Kallitypes, Platinum prints as well as collages. It is already shaping up to be an interesting collection, not because of the processes, but rather because of the strength of the image-making. This is experimental photography at its finest.

Manuel Castañeda, Mexico, Manhattan Smiles.A combination of the platinotype process, with a pigment printing, the image is separated into 4 channels, 3 colours are printed directly on Arches Platine paper and the addition of the Pt/Pd creates the complete colour palette.


The definition of composites is deliberately wide. Consider combining images from separate sources, replacing selected parts of an image, multiple exposures or collages of images, for example. You can also combine different processes and materials.

All contributing artists/photographers will have their entry on show at AlternativePhotography.com as well as their social media channels, together with links to the artist’s website and social media.

If you are looking for an excuse to create something different, then perhaps the “Composites” open call could be the inspiration that you need. The open call is open to any member of alternativephotography.com. Membership costs $48.00/year and you can sign up here.

Susan Chainey, USA, Packin’My Blues. A photograph of an assemblage I created by collaging cyanotype scraps to a larger than life-sized mannequin. The piece measures approximately 36” (including suitcase) by 28”.


AlternativePhotography.com has been running for almost 24 years, and is a great source of information for any alternative photographic processes. It also has a companion Facebook page which can at https://www.facebook.com/groups/68142897748.

Images © photographers listed in captions.

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