KODAK’s New Super8 Camera

It is coming soon!
By SilvergrainClassics

We had Holger Schwärzel on our pod cast and told the world — the KODAK Super8 camera has not been scrapped, it’s coming soon! And now it’s official.
Yes, it’s “just” a pre-order signup — but the information now available looks amazing!

Here’s what KODAK is offering:

  • Pelican Case
  • KODAK Super 8 Camera
  • Wide Angle 6 mm Lens 1:1.2
  • C-Mount Cap, Lens Cap and Lens Hood
  • Pistol Grip with trigger
  • KODAK Super 8 Camera Battery
  • Micro USB Charging Cable(s)
  • KODAK Super 8 Camera USB Power Adapter
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • KODAK TRI-X Black & White Reversal Film 7266
  • Getting Started Guide

Suggested Retail Price: $5,495 USD

Bad news for non-US citizens: the camera will initially launch only in the US. But don’t let that stop you from signing up. Kodak will contact customers in sign-up order when a camera is available in their region. Don’t expect miracles, though. According to the website, “Considering the limited availability of the camera, we appreciate your patience and participation in this [signup] process.”
The SilvergrainClassics staff are excited about the 4″ LCD Viewfinder and Interchangeable C-Mount Lens.

But two things really got everyone salivating:
Connectivity & Crystal Sync
Capture high-quality audio seamlessly with the on-board sound recorder and external microphone connectivity via 3.5mm input directly to the integrated SD card reader. Monitor audio levels with live meters on the built-in LCD.

Extended Gate
16:9 (widescreen) shooting and increased visual resolution. The Super 8 Camera’s extended gate optimizes more capture area of the film strip – allowing for an 11% larger image than traditional S8 cameras.
This 14:9 full frame gives your Super 8 film the flexibility to intercut with other modern media capture formats, seamlessly filling the frame of today’s TV and video screens.

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