REVIVING 220 FILM: CineStill unlocks 400 Dynamic 220 Campaign

by Doug B. Richardson

“Bringing Back A Beloved Format With Even More Film!”.

CineStill announced this week that their FILM MAKER Crowdfunding Campaign has successfully brought their NEW film 400 Dynamic into production in 35mm, 120, and 4×5 formats.  The enthusiasm shown from the backers of this new film unlocked the campaign to fund the productions of film in 220 format, a format that has not seen fresh production runs for years.  They opened the campaign for seven days to gauge interest in the new format.  At the time of this writing there are still five days left in the campaign and it is already 85% funded with a total of 10652 BACKERS and $733,135.00 invested.

400Dynamic is a 400 ISO daylight-balanced color film that CineStill is making available to photographers for the first time ever.  In addition to the challenges of bringing this new film to market, CineStill aimed even higher with the possibility of a presenting a new format to photographers at the same time.  The successful backing of the 220 format campaign will allow them to justify the resources, time, and training it takes to make this film format available again.  With an estimated delivery date of December 2022, the company has high hopes for the future availability of this film and this format.

In their press release CineStill declared that quantities of the 220 format would be limited at first as they determine the scale of demand and production for this new format.  They stressed that the film would exclusively be available to the backers of the campaign and would receive their orders first.  In the event the campaign was unsuccessful, investors would be rewarded with equivalent amounts of 120 format film instead.  So, if this new film and format interests you, it would behoove you back the FILM MAKER Crowdfunding Campaign now to secure your films and other incentives.  400D in 220 is available to back in 2 tiers, a twin pack and a 5-roll “ProPack.”


“The analog photography market has proven once again to be growing and thriving. CineStill is dedicated to bring innovation and make creative tools available and accessible for a community that demands it. This groundswell of support from the analog community has made this film a reality — and now gives us the opportunity to try something that hasn’t been made possible in years.”      


We at SilverGrain Classics look forward to shooting this new film and format in our workshops and events.  The extra frames would allow us to concentrate more on shooting and less time exchanging films.  See where this film can take your work by backing the FILM MAKER Crowdfunding Campaign now. 

To support the crowdfunding effort to make this new 220 film a reality, visit Cinestill’s Film Makers page.

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