Nick Carver— SilvergrainConnection Episode 4: The YouTube Star that “Bleeds Analog”
by Charys Schuler
With almost 90,000 subscribers, Nick Carver’s YouTube channel is one of the most successful film photography presences on the internet. His unique blend of know-how, enthusiasm, and informal guy-next-door manner makes him a favorite of a broad spectrum of film shooters.

SilvergrainClassics has had Nick as both a contributor and guest on a Fireside Chat, and he impressed us again with his real knowledge of film photography. He has a true passion for all things analog and knows his way around many formats of camera from 645 to 4×5, and even 6×17! 

We talked to Nick about his business as an architectural photographer, what he likes about shooting the unusual 6x17cm format, why he feels that analog is a healthy thing and not just a fad, and the importance of printing your images, no matter how you do it. And, as is our habit, we wandered onto some interesting side topics such as his preference for Midcentury Modern architecture, and why he thinks that hosting a series about cameras and whiskey isn’t a stretch. 

You can listen to the podcast here, or on the podcast provider of your choice.