ADOX— Past, Present, and Future Silvergrain Connection Episode 2 with Mirko Böddecker and Lina Bessonova
by Charys Schuler
We were so pleased to welcome a pair of movers and shakers of the film photography community to our second podcast episode. Mirko and Lina bring us in-depth information and stories from ADOX, a powerhouse in the analog world, which is run with a mini team plus maximum commitment.


Hear the story of how Mirko found himself with literally tons of film production line equipment on a truck and no place to put it, what it actually takes to produce film and photochemicals today, and how the decisions are made about what to produce.

And if you are wondering about new ADOX products, wonder no further— Super8 is in the works! Mirko also talks about medium format and why it hasn’t been available so far. Lina has her own take on what is involved in keeping the ADOX brand in good shape, many stories about what really goes on behind the scenes, and also speaks about her dual role as Mirko’s wife and an independent voice in the online community.

Mirko even spoke about the one product he would love to bring back more than any other, if it were possible… and we can dream, can’t we?

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