The Long Watch: Fireside Chat with Leica, Bruce Barnbaum, Carmencita Lab & Kosmo Foto
by Ludwig Hagelstein
Rewatch the 4th SilvergrainClassics fireside chat with Leica, Bruce Barnbaum, Carmencita Lab and Kosmo Foto. Recorded live on February 6th. Our next fireside chat all about motion picture will be hosted on Zoom on February 20th.

If you already want to register for our next Fireside Chat on February 20th with Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter, Michael Boxrucker  and Antonio Rasura of Eastman Kodak (Motion Picture), director of Omnimago, one of the world´s best motion picture scanning companies Peter Fries, and Thomas Bergmann of Silbersalzfilm, you can register via the link below.

The 5th Fireside Chat will take place on Saturday February 20th at 14.00 CET via Zoom. 

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