Chrome at Home:
Introducing The New E6 3-Bath Kit from Cinestill

by Ludwig Hagelstein

Today, Tuesday May 19th 7am Pacific Time (4pm CET) Cinestill Film have announced a new three bath slide film development kit with a claim to fame: According to Cinestill, their new kit comes in a modular fashion with different first-developers to enable photographers to alter the look of the developed slides: A product many have been waiting for!


The kit can be configured with three different first developers to achieve different looks: With the Daylight Chrome first-developer, according to Cinestill, normal slides true to daylight can be achieved while when using their Tungsten Chrome first-developer, a Tungsten type color-shift will result doing away the need for filtration, since true tungsten slide films are not available for purchase anymore.

According to Studio C-41’s Bill Manning, with whom we have spoken, the concept works easily enough so everybody can develop slides in their bathrooms easily and quickly – A “development” well timed, as many still are confined to their homes.

By far the most interesting of the three first developers is the so-called Dynamic Chrome FD, supposedly expanding the resulting slide’s contrast range significantly, according to Cinestill’s press release. Of course, once we have the new Cinestill kit in our Silvergrain StudioLab, we will thoroughly test it under real life conditions and measure Cinestill´s claim with our Heiland densitometer.

Chromes at Home


What makes the Cinestill kit especially attractive for home-developers is the ease of use the kit provides as true three bath kit with only the first-developer stage being temperature critical. According to Cinestill, the films can be processed successfully in a temperature range of 27°C to 40°C for the CD and BX stages while assuming a standard 38°C for the FD.

The new CS6 3-Bath kits will be available first in the U.S. and consecutively in Europe for a launching price of 39 USD and have a capacity of 16+ films, according to Cinestill.

You can find out more about the new Cinestill 3-Bath kit on their website here


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