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SilvergrainClassics is an exclusive analog photography magazine. It features exclusive content from the worlds of still film photography and cinematography. It is published quarterly.

This page provides an index of articles that were featured in each back issue. Where back issues of the magazine are still available, then a link is provided to the SilvergrainClassics online shop.

List of articles in Issue 16 of SilvergrainClassics magazine.




Welcome to Issue 16

The Letter from the Editor


Marwan el Mozayen

Keiko Goto, Japan/Australia

A review of the work of Japanese/Australian photographer Keiko Goto.


Lina Bessonova

Heavy metal – the Leicaflex SL2 Motor

Marwan el Mozayen reviews the Leicaflex SL2 Motor camera.


Marwan el Mozayen

Michael Stickland, USA

Doug B Richardson reviews the work of US landscape photographer Michael Strickland.


Doug B Richardson


Images from Studio Baxton, an analog community in Brussels, Belgium.


A Leica comes home Part II

Marwan el Mozayen follows the service of his Leica M3 camera at the Leica facility in Wetzlar.

30 – 35

Marwan el Mozayen

Mick Rock UK/USA

Mick Rock talks to Charys Schuler about photographing rock & roll stars.

36 – 43

Charys Schuler

Dancing in the street. Printing from iconic negatives

Master printer Andrew Sanderson talks through the process of reprinting Jon Hoffman’s iconic images.

44 -49

Andrew Sanderson

Choosing a portfolio of images

Bruce Barnbaum on his experience in assembling a portfolio of images.

50 – 54

Bruce Barnbaum

Back to basics

Samuel J Pinto on film making tips for beginners.

55 – 57

Samuel J Pinto

Virtual Connections

YouTube blogger Noah Henderson on the backstory that lead to his YouTube Channel.

58 – 61

Noah Henderson

Moving up to Medium

Chary Schuler’s initial foray into medium format photography with a Minolta Autochord CDS camera.

62 – 66

Charys Schuler

Katharine Kollman, USA

A look at the stunning underwater photography of Katharine Kollman by Amy van Veen.

68 – 73

Amy Van Veen

Intrepid Enlarger Review

Christopher Osborne puts Intrepid’s 6×9 enlarger to work making colour prints.

74 – 76

Christopher Osborne

The Intrepid 4×5 MK4

A hands on review of Intrepid’s latest 4×5 camera by Kayhan Kayar.

78 – 81

Kayhan Kayar

The Real Filter Effect

Marwan el Mozayen looks at the effect that filters have on our black and white photography.

82 – 85

Marwan el Mozayen

Vitaly Zaporochenko, Ukraine

Christopher Osborne talks to Ukranian film maker and photographer Vitaly Zaporochenko.

86 – 91

Christopher Osborne

Flavr, Güstav Kollar

If you have ever wondered how different film stocks compare, then Flavr is the book for you.

92 – 95

Christopher Osborne

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List of articles in Issue 14 of SilvergrainClassics magazine.




Welcome to Issue 14

The Letter from the Editor


Marwan el Mozayen

Thomas Kretschel, Germany

Charys Schuler looks at the work of German photojournalist Thomas Kretschel.


Charys Schuler

The iconic Polaroid SX-70

Doug B Richardson reviews the Polaroid SX-70 camera.


Doug B Richardson

Peter Christensson, Sweden

Peter Christensson on an ocean’s library, a shipyard and poetry,

16 – 21

Peter Christensson


US photographer Remy Olivier on his Infrared imagery.

22 – 27

Remy Olivier

A new approach to radically reducing contrast in high contrast scenes

Bruce Barnbaum on how to reduce contrast during film development.

28 – 33

Bruce Barnbaum

A wonder developer

Andrew Sanderson on the benefits of 510 Pyro film developer.

34 – 39

Andrew Sanderson

>The bridge between psychology and photography

Karin Majoka looks at how photography can be used as a tool for mental well being.

40 – 43

Karin Majoka

Vincent Peters Germany/USA

Marwan el Mozayen talks to commercial photographer Vincent Peters.

44 – 51

Marwan el Mozayen

The Cinematic Look & Feeling in movies

Ignacio Benedeti Corzo reflects on how shooting movies on film contributes to the cinematic look and feel.

52 – 55

Ignacio Benedeti Corzo

Jeff Rothstein, USA

Charys Schuler talks to US photographer Jeff Rothstein.

58 – 63

Charys Schuler

I opened a photo gallery during a pandemic

David Mark talks about his analog photo gallery “Silver Light” in Bad Homburg, Germany.

64 – 67

Charys Schuler

Krisztina Czika, Hungary/The Netherlands

Krisztina Czika talks about her latest work.

68 – 73

Christopher Osborne

Tokyo Camera Style

John Sypal on making images in Tokyo, Japan.

74 – 77

John Sypal

The Rolleiflex 6000 system

Volker Muth examines the Rolleiflex 6000 camera system, and concludes that it is a hidden gem.

78 – 82

Volker Muth

Pathways to Positives

Ludwig Hagelstein’s guide to finding the right software solution for camera scanning.

84 – 87

Ludwig Hagelstein

Lomography’s LomoGraflock 4×5 Instant Back

Doug B Richardson reviews Lomography’s LomoGraflock 4×5 Instant Back.

88 – 91

Doug B Richardson

The photograph that changed my life – Zelda Cheatle

Zelda Cheatle has compiled a list of life changing photographers and collectors. Christopher Osborne reviews her book.

92 – 95

Christopher Osborne

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