Are Films REALLY Safe In Airport Scanners??

You’ve probably heard that film can be damaged in airport scanners. You’ve probably also heard that only high speed film is at risk. Maybe you’ve also heard about some new type of airport scanners that are bad for all films? But what is really true?? Lina Bessonova has done a carefully planned and executed test of what happens to various ISO/ASA films in different types of airport scanners. A must-read for all silm shooters who travel by plane!

New PENTAX camera will be half-frame – Available Summer ’24!

PENTAX’s new film camera will be a half-frame, available summer ’24. We can FINALLY share what we saw in December, and the official Ricoh Press Release in both English and German.

News From Pentax: Our Meeting With TKO & Co

We met with Ricoh / Pentax’s camera designer TKO in person to get the latest news about their new film camera.

HARMAN Phoenix, a New Color Film Tested!

HARMAN has launched a completely new color film, the Phoenix! We were able to test it and interview Matt Parry, head of marketing, to get a lot of background information on the development of Phoenix.

Leicaflex SL2 MOT – Top Gun

The Leicaflex SL2 MOT - Top Gun by Marwan El Mozayen During our visit to Leica in Wetzlar for a future article, we saw the Leicaflex SL2 MOT in a display case in the entrance hall of the building and placed our beloved Leicaflex next to it.  In 1981, the Leitz press...

“We’ll take Mainhattan” workshop – in the style of Bailey’s New York Vogue shoot with Jean Shrimpton

We’ll take Mainhattan The team at SilvergrainClassics have announced another themed photo shoot workshop. "We'll Take Mainhattan" is the German version of Bailey's famous photoshoot with & Jean Shrimpton that inspired the film "We'll take Manhattan". By Marwan El...

Kodak Gold 120 Announced – Available Now

On March 21st, 2pm CET, Kodak Alaris has announced the immediate release of its popular consumer film Kodak Gold 200 in 120 medium format pro packs at an average 25% lower price than Portra and Ektar films in 120 format. We have had the opportunity to test it ahead of time, and here are a few first impressions.

SilvergrainClassics Analogue Awards

SilvergrainClassics Analogue Awards   by Christopher Osborne. The year is drawing to a close, and now this is the time to think back about changes in the world of analogue photography. Here are the SilvergrainClassics Annual Awards. The elite group of judges from...

Celebrating Three Years of SilvergrainClassics…

… with a 30% discount for our readers! It’s hard to believe, but we are celebrating three years of magazine publication and 1230 pages of film photography content.
Editor-in-Chief Marwan El Mozayen and Developmental Editor Charys Schuler look back at the roads that brought them here and share their personal experiences and highlights.

Film Prices Analyzed: Is Film Too Expensive?

Film price increases have made film more expensive. But how much have prices gone up, and is film really becoming too expensive? A look at film prices in perspective, and why film costs what it does.

Film price drop

Film price drop

Film Price Drop! Why is it that when Kodak Alaris and Lomography have lowered the prices of many of their poular 120 films, this news is unreported?By Marwan El Mozayen  Kodak Film Price Drop When Kodak announced an increase in film prices of up to 25% the internet...

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ANALOGHELD – Adrian Dungert

ANALOGHELD – Adrian Dungert

ANALOGHELD - Adrian Dungert Behind the scenes at ANALOGHELD, a film subscription service. We talk to founder Adrian Dungert By Christopher Osborne.   An ANALOGHELD film box in 35mm. ​ ANALOGHELD is a subscription service that offers a selection of films every quarter....

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Think Big, Film Big

Think Big, Film Big

A 25-year-old German filmmaker is about to start a special project — not only will he shoot film, he will use the biggest negative format available, 65mm! As far as we know, he is the only student to attempt this. Chris Peschken, himself a filmmaker with many years’ experience, interviewed young cinematographer Joshua Ewert.

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