Celebrating Three Years of SilvergrainClassics…

… with a 30% discount for our readers! It’s hard to believe, but we are celebrating three years of magazine publication and 1230 pages of film photography content.
Editor-in-Chief Marwan El Mozayen and Developmental Editor Charys Schuler look back at the roads that brought them here and share their personal experiences and highlights.

Film Prices Analyzed: Is Film Too Expensive?

With recent price rises, film has become more expensive. But how much have prices gone up, and is film really becoming too expensive? A look at film prices in perspective, and why film costs what it does.

Meyer Optik Görlitz Videos: Factory Visit and Primoplan Lenses Unboxing & Test

Marwan El Mozayen had the rare opportunity to visit the Meyer Optik Görlitz factory in Bad Kreuznach, Germany, and test two of their new line of Primoplan lenses. We have made this experience available to you in two videos, which you can view here!

SilvergrainConnection Podcast Episode 6: Dreamlike Visions and Life lessons from Susan Burnstine

We were blown away by Susan Burnstine’s distinct style and images, so much so that we put one on the cover of Issue 11 of SilvergrainClassics! Our podcast this week brings more of Susan’s story to the film community. She shared why she makes her own cameras, why her work is so often described as “dreamlike,” and a lot more.

Pinholing for the Planless – Or: How to Make a Camera from Your Desk Junk. An Addendum.

Making a pinhole camera was a top priority on my imaginary “things I definitely want to do, but keep procrastinating indefinitely” list. That is, until I interviewed Coloradian Photographer Heather Oelklaus for the current issue of SilvergrainClassics. A few days later, when I sat at my more or less cluttered desk to write up the article, I had an idea: Why not build a pinhole camera from only the junk and office supplies scattered around my desk?

SilvergrainConnection Podcast Episode 5: Carmencita – The Original European Film Lab!

Albert Roig, one of the founders of Carmencita Film Lab, spoke with us about the concepts that have made the business such a success and how they are growing and adapting.

Nick Carver— SilvergrainConnection Episode 4: The YouTube Star that “Bleeds Analog”

With almost 90,000 subscribers, Nick Carver’s YouTube channel is one of the most successful film photography presences on the internet. His unique blend of know-how, enthusiasm, and informal guy-next-door manner makes him a favorite of a broad spectrum of film shooters.

TETENAL— SilvergrainConnection Episode 3: New Tetenal and The Post-Digital Era

“New” TETENAL, two years in: where do they stand, what are they working on? In our third episode of Silvergrain Connection, we chat with Peter Rasenberger, the investor who helped to save the company two years ago.

Finding Focus – A Look Behind SilvergrainClassics

Doug Richardson interviews Charys Schuler about her job as Developmental Editor and the process of selecting the content for each issue: A look behind the process of making SilvergrainClassics.

ADOX— Past, Present, and Future Silvergrain Connection Episode 2 with Mirko Böddecker and Lina Bessonova

We were so pleased to welcome a pair of movers and shakers of the film photography community to our second podcast episode. Mirko and Lina bring us in-depth information and stories from ADOX, a powerhouse in the analog world, which is run with a mini team plus maximum commitment.

Intrepid Camera – New Hardwood range

Intrepid Camera – New Hardwood range

Intrepid Camera - new hardwood range   by Christopher Osborne. The folks at Intrepid Camera are continuing to innovate. They have launched three hardwood versions of their 4x5 camera system.   The folks at Intrepid Camera are continuing to innovate and extend their...

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Is this a bomb? – Friday Focus

Is this a bomb? – Friday Focus

Is this a bomb?   by Christopher Osborne. A woman passenger reported that a neighbouring passenger was watching bomb-making videos on his phone. Then he further alarmed her by producing out a bomb-like object and assembling it in his seat...   Saturday the 9th of...

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What is the Heiland Splitgrade Controller

What is the Heiland Splitgrade Controller

The Heiland Splitgrade Controller - what does it do? by Christopher Osborne. The Heiland Splitgrade Controller is a highly sophisticated tool for B&W darkroom printers. It is a premium product with a price to match. A number of readers have asked what does it do...

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