Fujifilm and the free Big Mac offer!

One of the last bulk film orders purchased by AnalogHeld contained a batch of Fujifilm complete with a free Big Mac offer. This Fuji Superia 100  had expired on 05/2005.

By Marwan el Mozayen.


Fujifilm And The Free Big Mac Offer!

AnalogHeld offers an interesting business model. You can subscibe to receive a combination of new, expired and/or experimental films. The subscription is sent out every 3 months. In the profile, you can select your preferences and personalize your order further. This service makes experimental photography available to everyone. Many subscribers find trying different and exotic films helps their creativity.  In addition, you get a matching AnalogHeld film box on request at a special price!


One of the last bulk film orders purchased by AnalogHeld contained Fuji Superia 100. This had expired on 05/2005 maybe this is not a really exciting film stock. However, each 3-pack has an official Mc Donalds coupon for a free Big Mac.

These films were distributed among all of AnalgHeld’s Q2/2023 35mm subscription box recipients. Every third subscriber also received a McDonald’s big Mac voucher.

Adrian, the Analogheld founder wanted to find out how Mcdonald’s would react when presented with the Fujifilm box complete with the BigMac voucher.

He entered a Mcdonald’s restaurant. The employees at the cash register were extremely surprised and did not know what to do with the voucher. The Fujifilm brand did not mean anything to them, and this did not surprise Adrian given the continuously decreasing Fuji film offering over the last few years combined with the young age of the waitress.

However, to McDonald’s credit, the staff made a serious attempt to redeem the decades-old voucher.

Unfortunately, in the end, the store manager declined the transaction. He was neither an analog photography enthusiast nor aware of the growling stomach of Adrian, the Analogheld founder!


This cheeky attempt at redeeming a McDonald’s voucher proves how Fuji has disappeared from the general consciousness! On the other hand, hats off to the friendly staff at McDonald’s who took the trouble to seriously do something good for their customer.

Maybe other Analogheld customers have more luck! Let us know how you get on via our contact us page!

I always looking forward to receiving each AnalogHeld delivery. I wonder what will be shipped with the Q3 box…?!? 🙂


You can see more of AnalogHeld on Instagram at @analogheld and on their website at https://www.analogheld.de/en/home-en/


Images © AnalogHeld 2023.

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