Analog Art Photography opens in Leipzig

Analog Art Photography has recently opened in Leipzig. In addition to providing a stunning gallery space it is a centre for workshops and other activities.

By Marc Kairies


Roman Walczyna, Thomas Hankel and Marc Kairies at Analog Art Photography, Leipzig.


Roman Walczyna and Thomas Hankel have opened a gallery for analogue, contemporary and post-digital photography in the former Pittler works. This is close to Leipzig Airport with excellent train connections (Leipzig / Halle route). The founders are both professional photographers in music and fashion photography.

Roman says “The time has come to offer contemporary analogue photography of excellent quality”.

To the right of the large, black entrance door is a film machine that is open 24 hours a day. This stocks fresh black-and-white films. Simply insert €8 of coins into the opening, select the film with the button and then the pack comes out of the machine. If the film is cheaper, change is included. There is also information about exhibitions and other events in the gallery on the outer packaging. Pulling the film is a pleasure in itself!

Visitors to the factory premises, where there are further exhibitions and a café, can also find information about the forthcoming events on a large, blackboard between the door and the film machines.

The newly renovated location is part of a historic Leipzig industrial complex from the Wilhelminian period. This has created a particularly aesthetic environment in which art and photography can be displayed to great effect. The space also includes a well-equipped black and white laboratory with 5 workstations as well as a daylight studio with floor-to-ceiling windows.

The focus of the gallery is young and international photographers. Analog Art Photography’s credo is “From film to print without digital detours”.

The gallery offers workshops, events and excursions are part of an ongoing program. Regular exhibitions feature works from events as well as outstanding artists’ exhibitions (with darkroom printed images).

An analogue photo fair is also planned in Leipzig, which is convenient because Leipzig is a natural hub with many international visitors and exhibitors.

The Cámara Minutera – photographer Marc Kairies was the first guest in the newly opened gallery. He immediately purchased a roll of the new original Wolfen NP 100 film from the film machine. Marc is so impressed by the location that he will return with his Cámara Minutera on October 6 for an “Analogue Art Meet & Talk” at 5 p.m.

During the Analogue Art Meet & Talk, an exciting insight into analogue large-format photography in 2023 will be given. Historical processes from the beginning of photography will be combined with modern, creative ideas and materials and presented in an instructive way. And, visitors can have their portrait photographed for €10 and experience analogue photography as it was more than 100 years ago. Marc produces black-and-white portraits in a matter of minutes. Marc uses what is sometimes referred to as the world’s first “instant camera” with paper film and this can be developed thanks to the laboratory box. The pictures can be taken home immediately. Multiple images are also possible.

… and we don’t just want to drink coffee during the break, but – of course! – use as a developer…

On October 7th the gallery is also hosting an Analog Art Workshop. Marc will be back on this day and the images will be made on Zebra Dry plate tintypes. These will be developed using coffee. You can book here

You can find more about Analog Art Photography at and on Instagram at @analog_art_photography

The Cámara Minutera photographer Marc Kairies has been travelling across Germany with his special analogue street boxes for over 5 years. Marc’s Stenopeika 5×7″ was joined by a Stenopeika 4×5″ In the spring of 2023. This camera was crafted in a small camera factory in Tuscany, Italy. You can read more on Marc’s travel report in the currentSilvergrainClassis issue #18.

Images © Roman Walczyna 2023.

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