News from the SilvergrainClassics Analogue meetup at the Leica Gallery, Frankfurt.

New Adox film, and new services from Silbersalz announced at the SilvergrainClassics Analogue meetup at the Leica Gallery, Frankfurt.

By Christopher Osborne


On Saturday 25th, SilvergrainClassics held an analogue meetup in conjunction with the Leica Gallery, Frankfurt.

Speakers included Albert Roig the founder of Spanish film lab Carmencita, Nico Llasera of Nico’s photo news and Camera Rescue, artist and Youtuber Lina Besonova, Mirko Bödecker of Adox and Fotimpex together with Thomas Bergmann one of the founders of the Silbersalz agency.

The guests were on the edge of their seats throughout every presentation.

Adox new color film

Mirko Bödecker gave a very interesting presentation on the history of FotoImpex and Adox. Towards the end of his presentation he included an update on Adox’ journey towards making their own range of colour film.

Adox launched Colour Mission film in February 2022 and this is selling extremely well. This film had been made in conjunction with a manufacturer that no longer exists. All proceeds from the sale of Color Mission are being invested in making a new line of colour films. This film range is designed to be processed in C41 chemistry.

The next step will be to create a brand new film from scratch. This will be rated at ISO 3/DIN 6 and is going to be branded Color Mission Helios. Work has already started on making this film, but development and manufacturing are not completed yet.

Color Mission Helios will be available up to large format sizes. It is possible that the large format variant will be released before 120 and 135 formats.

The revenue generated from this film will in turn be reinvested in creating another film in the Color Mission family range. This third step will be rated at a “normal” ISO range.

Mirko Bödecker CEO of Adox & FotoImpex


Thomas Bergmann from Silbersalz gave a very interesting presentation on how a boutique advertising agency turned to analogue filmmaking to provide a competitive advantage. During his speech he gave an exclusive insight to the  new scanning and film development services that Silbersalz are working on.

Thomas Bergmann from Silbersalz


Ten members of the audience braved the Frankfurt heat to walk along the Main and into the old historic area. Gear ranged from Leica rangefinders to a Fuji 690 Texas Leica.

Conversation flowed and freely, and a good time was had by all of the group.

All of the photo walk participants received a roll of Adox Scala black & white reversal film to shoot.

Scala Development

The photo walk team returned to the Leica Gallery, Frankfurt where Lina Bessonova ran a session in developing B&W Adox Scala film with the Adox Scala reversal process.

Despite the need to cool the water to mix chemistry with ice cubes, the entire group achieved stunning results with this process. There is something magical about seeing analogue positive images just a few hours after they were shot and this process definitely makes for dramatic images.

You can see a short Youtube video of the results here

A special thanks to Mr. Malik, Laura Fatma Bernardo and the rest of the team from Leica Gallery, Frankfurt.

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Nico Llasera of Nico’s photo news and Camera Rescue

Albert Roig the founder of Spanish film lab Carmencita