Adox Color Mission film – at last a new color film!

by Christopher Osborne.

Today Adox launch Color Mission – a brand new color film

Today, Thursday, February 10th, German manufacturer ADOX releases Color Mission, which is a 200 ISO film. For the cynics amongst us, here is the spoiler alert. This is not rebadged Kodak ColorPlus or Kodak Gold. This is a brand-new film.

The Adox team have been working behind the scenes and co-researched a new film with a coating specialist. Unfortunately, the company that coated the film went bankrupt shortly after the first run. Adox Color Mission has been cold-stored for several years and now this experimental film is spooled into 35mm rolls.

Color Mission might be thought of as a development film. Buying this film will help Adox reach its goal of developing a fully independent R&D for color film. Not surprisingly significant investment in both research effort and time will be required. Adox is insistent that the profit from this product will be directed back into film research. It will not be spent on developing chemistry, paper emulsion, but rather on film.

So, when can we expect the son of Color Mission to appear on the market? The folk at Adox are realistic. A new film is not coming next year, they expect the development cycle to take something like four years. In the meantime, they have enough Color Mission stock to provide the market.

Adox’s press release describes Color Mission as “a film with delicately vibrant minty greens, peachy reds, airy grain and a purpose at the core”.

Adox stresses that the name is intentional. These small 35mm rolls are a big step towards giving the analog community a beautiful product while investing in the future of film research and production, which is one of the most sophisticated challenges in the analog industry.

Images courtesy of Adox.

Color Mission is available from Thursday, February 10th, at the Fotoimpex store (with worldwide delivery), and can be pre-ordered here:

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