Soap bubble bokeh with a 35 mm lens?

by Christopher Osborne.

The Trioplan lenses are famous for the “soap bubble” bokeh produced when images are shot at wide apertures.

Specialist German lens manufacturer Meyer Optik Görlitz has announced a new lens in their Trioplan range. The 35mm f2.8 is the third lens in the Trioplan series of lenses and brings the complete lens range to six lenses. The Trioplan lenses are famous for the “soap bubble” bokeh produced when images are shot at wide apertures.

The glass elements continue to be made in their Bad Kreuznach lens factory. Timo Heinze, Managing Director of parent company OPC Optics says “the Trioplan 35 II is the first lens that will be assembled in the company’s Hamburg lens assembly factory from the beginning of the production run”.

“The lens will be manufactured to the high optical and mechanical quality that customers associate with the Meyer Optik Görlitz brand”, according to the manufacturer. “The mechanical design is the same as other current lenses from Meyer Optik Görlitz. The mechanical components made in Germany, the lenses have the best optical glasses which receives a specially developed coating. Each lens is hand-assembled and individually tested to ensure consistent high quality and long life”.

According to the press release “the Trioplan 35 f2.8 II brings the famous Trioplan bokeh, also known as soap bubble bokeh, to the wide-angle end. In this way, amazing effects can be created, especially with an open aperture, which gives pictures a soap bubble bokeh. Stopped down, the Trioplan 35 f2.8 II creates calmer, atmospheric images and flatters the main subject with a very gently drawn level of blur that almost looks like it was painted. The compact 35mm focal length is perfect for use in reportage and street photography. At the same time, the short minimum object distance of 0.2 meters enables use in nature and portrait photography, despite the short focal length”.

The lenses are available to order with a range of mounts. These include concrete Nikon F, Canon EF, Sony E, and for the first time can be ordered with a native mount for Nikon Z and Canon RF systems.

Delivery can be expected three weeks after the order date as lenses are only paired with the correct mount when an order is received. Orders can be placed at

Images courtesy of Meyer Optik Görltiz

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