Intrepid Camera – new hardwood range


by Christopher Osborne.

The folks at Intrepid Camera are continuing to innovate. They have launched three hardwood versions of their 4×5 camera system.


The folks at Intrepid Camera are continuing to innovate and extend their product range. Earlier this year they launched an innovative 4×5 enlarger design, and now they have launched not one but three hardwood versions of their 4×5 camera.

This premium edition Intrepid 4×5 cameras will be available in Cherry, Walnut and Mahogany. The black bellows make these cameras look particularly smart.

Each camera is cut from a single piece of wood, which is then sanded and varnished by hand. The individual grain of each piece of wood means that no two cameras will be identical.

The base and front standard supports are anodised aluminium for increased stability. Intrepid use a bellows which is hand-folded from a water-resistant Nylon.

The camera features the same rear controlled focus system as the original camera. Dual front standard controls enable independent control of the rise/fall and tilt movements. The rear standard can be rotated 360° for fast changing of orientation, with magnets to ensure it locks properly into either portrait or landscape. The Hardwood 4×5 is compact and lightweight and weighs in at just 1.2kg.

The removable ground glass is held in place by high tension leaf springs. The rear standard has ‘Graflok clips’ providing compatibility with a range of roll film adapters (from 6×6 to 6×17), Polaroid and other instant film backs.

Intrepid will release an initial batch of 60 cameras (20 of each wood) for sale on Monday, November 15th at 5 pm GMT. Once these sell out the next limited run will be available for purchase in January 2022.

Images © Intrepid Camera 2021.

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