SilvergrainConnection Podcast Episode 6: Dreamlike Visions and Life lessons from Susan Burnstine
by Ludwig Hagelstein

We were blown away by Susan Burnstine’s distinct style and images, so much so that we put one on the cover of Issue 11 of SilvergrainClassics!  Our podcast this week brings more of Susan’s story to the film community. She shared why she makes her own cameras, why her work is so often described as “dreamlike,” and a lot more. Susan has a unique perspective on creating art through the medium of film photography: the role it can play in our everyday lives, and how it can help us as we struggle with the adjustments of “reopening” life. If you´re interested in pruchasing the current issue of SilvergrainClassics featuring Susan’s work, you can buy the magazine here in our shop.

You can listen to the podcast here, or on the podcast provider of your choice.