Film Photography Fireside Chat #7

Interactions of Film, Cameras, & Art: Cinestill, Catawiki, Schlegel, & Oelklaus

One of the most interesting things about being in touch with so many different segments of the worldwide community of film shooters is seeing how they interact with each other. Your favorite camera influences choice of film, available films influence the camera market, and artists are inspired by their choice of equipment. Our latest Fireside Chat guests represented each of these branches and had a lively conversation about the current and possible future interactions of film, cameras, and art.

The “Brothers Wright,” founders of Cinestill, chatted openly about their beginnings, newest releases, and possible upcoming products. Catawiki’s camera expert, Edwin Molenaar, had up-to-the-minute information from the world of film camera sales, repairs, and valuation. Amazing large format fine artist Jan Schlegel shared not only his gorgeous work, but also stories of his process and inspiration. As an artist who builds her own very unusual cameras, Heather Oelklaus brought another unique perspective to the conversation.

The Silvergrain Academy will be hosting an art nude workshop with Jan Schlegel in the autumn of 2021 in the SilvergrainStudioLab, Bad Nauheim, Germany. There will be two models and a maximum of six participants. Interested medium and large format photographers should send an email to to be notified when registration opens.

The entire episode is now available for viewing on YouTube:

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