Analog Photography Fireside Chat Episode 8 – June 26th
Join SilvergrainClassics magazine in a free chat around the fire on Saturday 26th of June! Our guests will be: ILFORD Photo's Matt Parry, Jürgen Heiland of Heiland Electronics, large format photographer Anton Ivanov, author and photographer Christopher Osborne, and our team from SilvergrainClassics.

We’re back! Join us for a chat around a virtual campfire on Saturday, the 26th of June, 2021.

Episode 8 of the Fireside Chats will feature:

  • Matt Parry, ILFORD PHOTO marketing manager
  • Jürgen Heiland, CEO Heiland Electronic
  • Anton Ivanov, large format photographer and adventurer
  • Christopher Osborne, author and photographer
  • hosted by Marwan El Mozayen and Charys Schuler of SilvergrainClassics.

What questions would you like to ask Ilford? How much do you know about the Heiland Splitgrade Controller? How does one make large format photos at over 6000 meters (20,000 ft)? Join us and submit your questions to our guests!

As the world starts to cautiously reopen, we are curious about what the analog community is up to. Some of the most interesting people in the world of film photography share their candid thoughts, live!

Our series of free 1-hour webinars has brought very interesting news from Kodak, ADOX, Cinestill, Leica—who knows what we will hear this time…

Register free for Episode 8 and get the chance to ask your own questions to our guests!

Click here to register free for Episode 8 on Saturday, June 26th:

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07:00 New Zealand Standard Time (Sunday)
05:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sunday)

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