Supersense – More Than an Impossible Project – Silvergrain Connection Podcast Episode 1 with Florian „Doc” Kaps
by Ludwig Hagelstein
What better way to start a series of podcasts about “the entire world of analog photography” than with Doc Kaps! The founder of the Impossible Project and CEO of Supersense. He reminisced about the experience of living through the craziness of the Impossible Project, when he and his team rescued Polaroid instant film and also spun ideas about where film photography could go from here. But his passion for analog extends well beyond photography.

The conviction that non-digital-based experience is a key to our well-being is the basis for all of his projects. With SuperSense, he has built a showroom and testing ground for new products that delight all of the senses; not only sight and hearing with images and analog sound equipment, but also taste, touch, and (to Doc most importantly) smell with espresso roasts and delicatessen ham.

And in the middle of his fluid and engaging stories, he came out with a bombshell— an almost-announcement about a future cooperation with a major German car manufacturer! Just another example that to Doc, only the seemingly impossible is worth doing.

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