New Ilford photographic paper

by Christopher Osborne.

Ilford announced a new premium quality RC photographic paper this afternoon.

This afternoon Ilford announced that they have reformulated their Multigrade RC Portfolio paper. This is Ilford’s premium RC paper which features a double-weight base. This emulsion on this product has been upgraded to use the 5th Generation Multigrade emulsion which is also used in Ilford’s Multigrade RC Deluxe papers.

Photographers and darkroom printers can expect the new paper to be similar in image tone and sensitometry performance to MULTIGRADE Classic FB paper. This product is aimed at those extra special, premium quality prints for clients, portfolios, or exhibitions.

Compared to its predecessor it is reported to have a slightly warmer base tint, better blacks for greater depth, improved mid-grade spacing and a smoother sensometric curve providing more uniform contrast throughout the tonal range.

At the time of release, Multigrade RC Portfolio is currently only available with a Pearl surface, but we can expect other surfaces in the future.

We look forward to putting this product through its paces in the darkroom, and will report back…

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