Fireside Chat Episode 2: Adox Long Term Plans and New Emulsions
News from Adox about Polywarmtone and their long term strategy much more were discussed in the second SilvergrainClassics Fireside Chat on January 9th.
by Ludwig Hagelstein

Our team at SilvergrainClassics analog photography magazine have organized a series of free online “Fireside Chats”. These sessions bring together leading people from the world of analog film and photography.

The second Fireside Chat” featured Mirko Böddecker, CEO of Adox and Fotoimpex, internationally acclaimed documentary photographer Manuello Paganelli, Blogger and YouTuber Lina Bessonova and rocket-engineer and film-processor inventor Andrew Burns of Midtone Machines. 

The conversation included exclusive hints of what´s to expect from Adox in the future, both in terms of films and papers and gave insight into their long-term strategy, reinvesting Fotoimpex revenue into Adox prodcution capacity to ensure a continued analog future. Manuello Paganelli discussed both his style and technique, and in an engaging discussion with both the participants and the panelists, he spoke about the qualities of film and why he used it. Andrew Burns showcased his new Midtone Machines prototype processor and answered several questions regarding the device. And last – but definitely not least – Lina Bessonova and Mirko Böddecker revealed an exciting analog joint-venture!

The “Fireside Chat” was recorded live on Saturday, January 9th 2021 at 7pm CET.

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