New Kodak Products hinted at in Fireside Chat Episode 1
New Kodak films for 2021? Hints of exciting new analog products were amongst the topics discussed by the panelists.
by Ludwig Hagelstein

Our team at SilvergrainClassics analog photography magazine have organized a series of free online “Fireside Chats”. These sessions bring together leading people from the world of analog film and photography.

The first Fireside Chat” featured Andy Church from Kodak Alaris,  Johannes Bockemühl from JOBO, internationally acclaimed 8×10 inch fine-art photographer Christoph Morlinghaus, and Studio C-41´s host Bill Manning. 

This exciting industry insider conversation included exclusive hints of what is to come in 2021. Hosted by Marwan El Mozayen and Charys Schuler of SilvergrainClassics magazine, the panelists discussed their 2020 analog photography experiences and shared their views on the state of the film business and community.

Andy Church from Kodak Alaris was asked about the possibility of a return for 120 Kodak Gold or for the legendary Plus-X black and white film. He tantalized the audience with hints of possible new film products for 2021.

Johannes Bockemühl from JOBO noted the difficulties associated with virtual training and discussed their new platinium print processor.

Bill Manning and Christoph Morlinghaus reflected on how the pandemic has affected their work, and in the following panel discussion, questions from the live audience were answered.

The “Fireside Chat” was recorded live on Tuesday, December 29th 2020 at 7pm CET.

Christoph Morlinghaus:

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